The Moonbeams of Your Sunshine

I could not be the Sunshine;
That Sparkles all your Brightest Days.
Just Let me be the Moonbeam;
That Lights up your Darkest Hours.

~ Kiran

Image obtained from Google Images

The Moonbeams of your Sunshine


~ by backtowardslight on October 4, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Moonbeams of Your Sunshine”

  1. A view from a window of love
    A ocean view mist of morning dew
    Searching for a friend to be with me through thick and then
    when I came across this BEAUTIFUL inspiration perhaps these message from me to you can build a journey to connections of COMPASSION
    through the SEED GOD has planted, continue to inspire many other just like you and me


    • Thankyou so much ..
      Your Beautiful words have touched me so much ….
      Glad to be connected to you .. keep in touch 🙂

      • I THANK YOU!!! Why?
        Because your words touch me … motivated me in a intimacy only the way God touches me.
        This I share with You…. many are called but Only a few are choosen.
        I have a few poem that I would like to publish got any suggestion. I call myself GODDESS OF LOVE

        I have so much to say and express meeting you has been a test to discover who I trully am Spiritually…. He calls Me Compasion and I see you as a refletion of his LOVE:)

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