Fall into Loving …

All my Life;
I’ve wanted to live somewhere;
Where I could see all the Four Seasons;
In all their Glory.

The soul warming Sunshine of Summer;
With the rioting of Glorious Blooming flowers.

The Invigorating Awakening of Spring;
With Budding new colours of Life and Hope;
And Raindrops on the window sill.

The Joy of catching Winter’s snowflakes;
And Sitting on a cosy Sofa, with a book;
And a mug of Hot chocolate.

The Heavenly Crispness of Autumn;
With brown, orange, red and Gold everywhere;
The Falling leaves; The scent of Apple blossoms;
And Hot steaming Barbecues.

I Always thought that our Souls have seasons too.
The Season of Hope; The season of Stillness;
The Season of Bliss; The season of Transformation;
The Season of Awakening.

But there is one Season, that encompasses;
All the others;
And holds them in it’s Sheltering Glow.
It’s the Season of Love.
Because that’s what every Soul is.

This fall;
Lets choose the Season of Bliss and Awakening;
And Dance to the rhythm of the whispering Breeze;
Under the Rain of Graceful Leaves;

This fall;
Lets “Fall into Loving”.


~ Kiran.

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Fall into Loving ...


~ by backtowardslight on October 16, 2011.

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