Eternity Awaits …


Eternity Awaits;
Beyond the Shadows of Time.
I walk across the Field of Remembrance,
Words; Blossoms that fall over me from the Trees of Hope
And fall among the glittering waves of the Fountain of Joy.
Something leaps fom my heart;
And holds me.

A Dream?
No. It’s just Love.
Come, it says to me
I’ve found you;
Just rest inside my Soul.

And I wake.
Reality beckons;
But I hold on still;
To the Hope and Joy,
In that Field of Remembrance;
Beyond the Shadows of Time;
Where Eternity Awaits …


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Eternity Awaits ...


~ by backtowardslight on January 13, 2012.

6 Responses to “Eternity Awaits …”

  1. Sensational…….. ❤

  2. Kiran… are a great woman. This blog leaves me speechless….as usual. Keep it up girl, i am proud of you!

  3. I love your writing style! (Great title, too, by the way!) I found your blog through seeing you comment on another blog and I’m glad I did!

  4. You have a wonderful sense of expression!

  5. Hi Kiran, I love your page, your blog and your being. I do beleive that serendipity led me to your page. I am an American married to a Moroccan and want to share myself to a broader audience. I have a love of people and a love of life, so I decided to start a Facebook page to share some of my experiences. I am a Psychiatric/Detox nurse who has counseled people for years. I’m originally from New York/New Jersey and my best friend is also Pakistani! I love surrounding myself with people from various cultrues and absorbing all of their knowledge and their language too… love the poetry of Urdu and Arabic. Anyway, may I please ask you if you could mention my page on your page so that I can build my captive audience. Thanks so much…. Salam….. Lisa. My page is Life Advice Guru on Facebook.

    • Dearest Lisa ..

      Thankyou so much for your Beautiful words…
      I will go check out your Page, and I would Love to get to know you better.
      I would Love to help you out in anyway I can …

      Hope to connect to your soon ..

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