Blossoms Of Awakening Dawn …

Its strange, isn’t it.
That Loneliness strikes you suddenly;
When you’re in the middle of a crowd.
And not in actual Moments of Solitude.

I Learned that it was in these Quiet moments of Stillness.
When I dared to go into the Realms within my self.
That I found my own Strength;
And heard the Lessons whispered by heart.
And began to hear, the Song of my Soul.

I know that sometimes Good things have to come apart;
Because Better things can come together.
And sometimes, it is only when you hit Rock Bottom;
That you truly realize that the only way is up.

I learned to get up again, no matter how afraid I was at Times;
And Hold my Head high, and my Hand towards even the tiniest
Ray of Light.
And in those Moments, I felt the shift inside of me.
I felt that glow of Love and Strength.
I felt as If I was in a World of Awakening Dawn;
With The Colors of Life; Blossoming right at my feet.

Because when you Believe.
You … Accept.
You … Change.
You walk Beyond Faith.
You Become the Miracle.

~ Kiran.

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Blossoms Of Awakening Dawn ...


~ by backtowardslight on February 8, 2012.

5 Responses to “Blossoms Of Awakening Dawn …”

  1. I love this. Have you ever read the book “Conversations with God”? I think it would be right up your “alley.”


  2. This is so beautiful and so very true. Thank you so much for this. Sandy

  3. this is amazing.. i could so relate to it..

    i want to write to you.. you seem to be a well settled blogger.. I am new to blogging would need your suggestions 🙂

    • Hey Saif … Sure can write to me ..
      Even though I am very much new to the bogging world myself.
      I used to write as a child – Then got an emotional block to writing that I am
      currently trying to heal. So started my Page to share inspiration, and get in touch
      with words again. Words – are a world of their own. They can heal. They can touch.

      I have to yet to put all my words to the blog.
      I want to .. but I hesitate.
      Don’t want to open the Pandora’s box. lol

      So, I’m not a experienced blogger myself. Word press astounds me at times …
      But thankyou for your reply and your kindness…

      Best Regards ..

      • hey.. you have a large group of followers .. thats amazing..

        earlier i would write for myself, was scared that it would not be good enough.. until i read it to a colleague.. she insisted i write.. started on facebook..

        then a friend said i must have my own blog.. hence 2 weeks back my journey started..

        as you said; for it its all the feeling.. and the words actually can heal.. and when u see sooo many square pegs like myself in the world.. makes me feel sane too..

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