Leap Of Faith ….

Sometimes, Uncertainty grasps us with quiet certainty.
We find ourselves at cross roads;
And even making choices and decisions seems impossible.

But the truth is, that it is in these times;
That we are the Strongest;
Only we don’t realize that.

It is at these moments, Spirit is walking beside us.
The Angels whisper in our Ears;
And the Wisdom of our own Hearts;
Sings us the Song of Hope and Courage.
We just need to attune ourselves to this inner Bliss.

Believe; That you are always Divinely Guided;
And Protected.
Everything happens for a Reason.
You are, where you are; For a Reason.
Maybe for a Season;
But never a Life time.

Find that Sacred Space inside you;
Even if you have to Begin With Solitude.

You don’t Always need Wings;
To take a Leap of Faith.

Kiran Shaikh /  2012

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~ by backtowardslight on April 10, 2012.

5 Responses to “Leap Of Faith ….”

  1. I’m so honored to read your ‘for ever’ writings
    Thank you dear Kiran

  2. Wow “Leap of Faith” is exaclty where I am in life .. God knows

  3. I adore this! Love love love! Just beautiful!

  4. absolutely beautiful

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