The Journey Of Remembrance ….

I Remember that Journey.

That endless Journey, my Heart made.
Towards Hope, Towards Love.
Courage stood still. Not knowing if to take a step forward;
Or to remain standing still, waiting for Strength to beckon in silence.
Every step taken, was a New beginning.
Every sight, a Blessed Dream.

I Remember that Journey.

I Remember Falling.
That Endless depth; When all I could see was Darkness.
That Endless Fall; My Heart made.
Towards Loneliness; Towards Despair.
Faith Stood Still; Contemplating as if to catch me at the bottom.
Or to Remain standing in Silence;
Waiting for Wisdom to cushion my fall.

I remember that Journey.

I Remember Rock Bottom.
The Endless Numbness, the shock. Feelings Frozen.
And that little Light inside me;
That grew Brighter and Beckoned;
Pushed, and nudged;
Till I finally got up.
Looked beyond Despair;
And Knew the Light was Still there.
Hope stood Still; Showing me the way;
But waiting for Choice to Determine my Destiny.

I remember that Journey.

I remember walking back into Life.
Knowing Joy awaits; Endless Joy;
That no matter how difficult things got;
My Heart and Soul, will get me through;
Faith will get me through.
That everything Happens for a reason.
And everything will be okay.
The Miracle Stood still;
Waiting for me to Embrace it.
But waiting for Love to Light up my way.

This Journey has just begun.
And this time; I have made it my Choice;
To make it Worth Remembering.

~ Kiran Shaikh

Artist : Ljilja Romanovic


~ by backtowardslight on May 20, 2012.

4 Responses to “The Journey Of Remembrance ….”

  1. too beautiful …

  2. amazing sis!! I absolutely love it.. keep up the good work!

    hugs x

  3. Once travelled upon that path, one never forgets. Painful at the time, but worthwhile, once safely back ashore; away from the clutches of the deep.

    Well spoken.

  4. Inspiring blog, beautiful poetry. Peace and love to you!

    ~ Ben

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