Past the Illusions of Fear …

Dedicated to those who are going through Anxiety, Panic and Depression – and feel alone and misunderstood.

Please … do not be afraid.
We all have phases we go through in Life. It is not always possible to be Emotionally, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Balanced and Primed all the time ..and its okay not to be okay …if that is what one is going through for some reason or the other.
I think it’s not a sign of weakness, but a measure of strength and endurance to cope with all this , and try to come out of it … no matter how difficult it is … and I admire those, who give strength and support and stand by you in such times, rather than criticize and put you down for being weak and “Very” sensitive.
Life does not always have to be Perfect to be wonderful … And with Faith in God and ourselves, Love and positivity around us.. I think we can get through the difficult times.
We all need Love, Support and People who Lift us up.
And NO. It is NOT your fault. You did not attract anything to yourself.
We might have made choices which may have not turned out well, but always remember – All mistakes are Lessons in Disguise.
Have Faith in yourself. Believe in yourself. Love yourself.
Try and Let go of all anger, fear and hurt – and the Past.
Today is another Day. And you are going to get through this.
Even if it is step by step .. you will get through this.
Sometimes it is in the darkness when we learn to embrace our own Light . And only when we hit rock bottom, when we realize that the only way is up.
Your Life is waiting. You have a choice to Make it beautiful.
Your future depends on the beautiful, happy, Positive and Loving choices you make TODAY – starting right now.
Even if it is in the Little things around you
– Saying enough is enough to negativity and toxicity.
– Walking over to the window and taking a deep breath …
– Smiling – and not really caring what anyone thinks.
– Putting some Flowers on your desk.
-Changing your Desktop wall paper to something you like
-Having something you Love for lunch, not what you think you should.
-Hugging a child.
-Taking a little walk in the nature. Looking at the trees, and birds.
– Go hug a Tree. It will be appreciated and will give you tons of Positive energy. Seriously .. 🙂
– Reading something uplifting.
-Just looking around you and being grateful to be alive be able
to see, smile, smell the coffee, feel the warmth of the Sunshine …

Lets get together and BAN the Fears and What gets you down – one by one .
You can do it – Have Faith, think positive and Never Give up.
Each day, is a New Beginning – A NEW chance to turn things around.
Everything will be okay. 🙂  Just never stop believing. 

~ Kiran Shaikh



~ by backtowardslight on June 11, 2012.

9 Responses to “Past the Illusions of Fear …”

  1. what a beautiful blog you have!!! I found my way via a person who liked your blog’s FB page. What a blessing to discover you!

    I am adding you to the blogroll at my own blog. Thank you for sharing your gift with words.

    Blessed Be!

  2. Hi, Love your blog by the way. The pictures and the images are really beautiful. I really do think our soul recognises the beauty in these images and that’s why they speak to us so much …

    Reading your thoughts on anxiety and panic … I’m wondering what your take is on past-lives and how they can affect us to this day? I went for an spiritual healing yesterday and was told that my recent anxiety is linked to things that would have happened to me at this age in other lifetimes (as well as the job, which has been mad the past few months). The patters she identified really resonated with some of my more engrained fears and how I approach life. In any case I think it helps to keep a positive mindset and to get healing (through meditation, channeling love or seeing a healer). I feel a lot calmer though I still have changes to make.

    Love & Light,


    • Dearest Geena ..

      Thankyou for your lovely message and your kindness.
      I know that our Souls are connected through time and ages and I found that
      your experience resonated with me …. I wish I knew how to find out but I don’t.
      Have to deal with it with just hope and positivity …

      Please keep in touch and let me know how you’re getting on..

      • Hello! That is very kind, thank you so much. I’m actually thinking of signing up for a class to learn to do past life healings like that.

        Still working on the aspects that came up in my own session, its moving along slowly but I do feel like I have more courage =)

        Love and Light,


  3. thank you. I will be back to read more. You speak to my heart.

  4. Hello there…. Just dropping a note to tell you it has come to my attention that a pic Ive been sharing thru my site was told to me it supposedly belongs to you… my appologies…. Ive found thru google images as do you…

  5. Everything we fear everything we have experienced within our lives is coming to the surface now to be assessed and forgiven and let go so we can take our next step our new experience, though we fear we will trust. thank you for reminding me x love and light.

  6. to a beautiful soul….shearing words from that special place…thank you and God bless….xx

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