The Gift of Trust ….

Trust – Like love, is the Most beautiful Gift in the World.
It is one of the strongest bonds, yet Fragile because it is an Unconditional Giving;
Wrapped in Feelings, Respect and Faith.
When someone Trusts you with their Heart and Soul;
And places this Precious Gift in your Hands;
Cherish it, Safeguard it and stand by it’s Sacredness;
And never, ever take it for granted. ♥

~ Kiran Shaikh / Back Towards Light

Gift of Trust


~ by backtowardslight on November 13, 2012.

3 Responses to “The Gift of Trust ….”

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  2. So very true. Once trust is one the whole relationship crumbles. My fiance’ took a huge chance in trusting one more person (me) and I will never do anything to hurt him or breach his trust.

  3. Very True

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