The Fierceness of innocence ……

My Grandmother always loved the “Motia” Flowers.
They are more popularly known as the True Jasmine.

I remember her tending to those plants, with so much Love and care.
Watching her – while playing in the garden with my little brother and sister.
I remember her making little garlands and placing them on my hair like a Tiara – calling me her Little Princess.
I remember them placed in bowls around our home and beside her bedside table. ♥
Remember the sweet subtle comforting Fragrance – So soothing , Light and beautiful. Like a loving Sweet Embrace … ♥

Life went on – I remembered a lot which I should have Forgotten.
And Forgot a lot of what I should have remembered.

I remember her telling me never to Give up, on Love and Goodness.
Never to Stop believing in Miracles.
Never to let anyone treat me less than I deserved.

She told me I was little yes – But I was Stronger than I believed.
A Little Lioness …lol .. I just was too scared to Believe in me.

She told me that one day – when I needed them the most.
I will remember her words.

I Remember. ♥

And I will never let go of them again.
I will Love and Believe with all my Heart.
I will find the Courage to hold on, be Strong and Believe in Miracles.
I will never forget to be Grateful. ♥

For those who stood by me;
And for those – who didn’t – or couldn’t.
All my Love and gratitude.
For you taught me Life lessons that made me Stronger, More Loving;
And the person I am today.
Lots of Love …. and prayers … ♥

And yes – I will never let anyone Take me for Granted;
Or Treat me Less than I Deserve.

As Carl Jung says – I am not what happened to me;
I will be what I choose to Become ….

And in Allah’s Love – I place my Trust. ♥
And what will be will Be.

And though She,
Be but Little;
She is Fierce. ♥

~ William Shakespeare.

Love and New year Blessings to all my Friends, family and Loved ones – Near or Far.

~ Kiran Shaikh.

The Fierceness of innocence ......

The Fierceness of innocence ……


~ by backtowardslight on January 1, 2013.

4 Responses to “The Fierceness of innocence ……”

  1. Thank You Kiran. That was beautiful…<3 ❤ ❤

  2. This was simply beautiful and touches my heart!!!

  3. Thank you for your words of not only beauty and grace but of the courage to remember and not let go of the Devine within you!
    I have been called a daughter of light- a truth seeker, both of which I too hold on to in moments of struggle and suffering. I believe in love and true abundance, and yet there are times when I have risen to a place that I know with absolute knowledge that I can never forget—but then knew things happen, life circumstances change, and I have moments of fear and doubt. I find strength and courage and things called back from the shadows to lift me up and help me live true to the truth of the beauty and divinity with in me. To move once again gracefully to love and acceptance. To ALLOW love to flow to me as well as from me. Thank you. You are an inspiration. I never knew that the road to could still be rugged and scary after all I have travelled through, each experience preparing me for the one that is yet to come, each teach me to open wide and not fight but allow all good thing to come into my life. To find the teacher, the love, and the truth from each lesson. To remember the joyful. To celebrate enlightenment. Thank you for reminding me, for sharing your stories. I am grateful!

  4. Aassalamu-Alikum……Kiran mehak….Shaikh…..Awesome page…sajed from Londo….

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