Back To Sweet Simplicity …

Though the latest technology, internet and social networking has made communication, so much quicker and easier, I realized today that it has also in some ways, taken us away some beautiful and simple things.

I was going through an old journal a few days ago, and I came across a letter from a friend written to me in 1994. It was heart-warming, loving and shared so many childhood memories.
Even though my friend is on my “Facebook List” – I realized .. it had been years … since we had even spoken to each other.

On an impulse .. I took out an old writing letter pad – not used in years, and wrote back a letter to her – Luckily – she lived in the same place – after buying the house from her parents after they wanted to live in a smaller place. She still lives there with her husband and children.

I told her about how I had found her letter, how many beautiful memories it had brought back and how much I appreciated it, apologized for not having written back and told her how much I missed our bonding and spending time together.
We had spoken over the phone and emailed / liked FB statuses over the years – but never really talked that much.

The very next day I got a call from her. She was in tears. She had been apparently going through a rough time, and was feeling alone and isolated. She told me that it was the first letter she had received from anyone in over 10 years.
Even though she had many friends and acquaintances, met people and socialized – a lot …. she felt unable to “connect” and open up and share her feelings with anyone.
Strangely enough – Holding my letter in her hand and reading it – opened up the flood gates – and she just KNEW she had to come see me and talk to me.

She came to see me . We met, talked for the longest time ; Rebonded over coffee, hugs, tears and so many old memories …

I realized how one simple REAL hug , and the warmth of a loving presence can heal someone ….
I hadn’t known that one letter would help someone so much and help them pull back from the brink of a terrible decision.
I felt how much we miss out on being there for people in REAL when its so much easier to just send a simple text message.

I promised myself, to write to people more often .. Real tangible letters they can hold ..send more cards and try and make an effort to be there more for those I loved and cared about ….

It is truly the little simple things in Life and the little gestures of caring that really touch lives and Heal Hearts ….

Even though I Love the friends I have met online, reconnected with old friends which was not possible before and have met some Amazing true, friends who I have connected through my Page and cannot imagine my life without them.
We have never met, but they have been there for me – when no one was –
They have been my touchstones, my teachers and my Angels without wings. More REAL than a lot of friends in this REAL life, and I am grateful for being blessed enough to meet them, I still feel that sometimes we need to reach out a little more – to those around us ….
Sometimes these little gestures can turn a Life around – without us even knowing it ..
I have always felt that when we write to someone, in our own handwriting, it radiates warmth, intimacy, caring – as I truly feel it carries a part of our Soul that touches someone else’s Heart … ♥

When was the last time you wrote a REAL letter to some one and posted it?
Please share your thoughts with us .. ♥

~Written by : Kiran Shaikh / Back Towards Light

Sweet Simplicity ....

Sweet Simplicity ….


~ by backtowardslight on January 6, 2013.

6 Responses to “Back To Sweet Simplicity …”

  1. I still write letters. And there is nothing more wonderful than opening one written for you.

  2. Kiran, what a moving piece, thank you! I can’t even remember when I last wrote a letter by hand and actually posted it to someone. However, I can remember the amazing feeling opening those envelopes, reading and re-reading the thoughts, concerns and little everyday dramas from friends and family. This week I will put pen to paper and re-learn this forgotten art. The first two letters shall be addressed to two people who will appreciate it the most: my mum and dad.

    • Thankyou so much for your beautiful reply.
      It takes a compassionate heart to read between the lines and truly understand the essence of the message.
      You are one of them
      Lots Love,

  3. So i just read this post and stumbled on it because my name is kiran shaikh too! but i love it and i love your writing! Its actually really touching and it really brings positivity and is thought provoking! i just wanted to say thanks for this and to keep it up because i would love to continue reading your posts..i really appreciate it as do others im sure. god bless!

  4. The last letter I wrote was to my dearest and closest friend, I had a card to send back to New zealand as I am in Australia. but as per usual put it off. I sent her a thank you letter to her for being my dearest friend. At the time of writing to her she was terminal and by the time it took to get there a week later she had passed away after a brief battle with cancer. so it was her family that recived it and read it.that was ok as it was one of us late for something or another. she used to be at least an half an late for tea. but was there for important things. as they say better late than never at all. it was the hardest and best ever letter i wrote as i know i was saying good-bye. I never attended the fueral and that is ok. My other best friend attended on my behalf as well as hers and gave her a beautiful pink rose from me. True friendships are really hard to find as rare as the rarest gems. Last night I had a dream that her daughter visisted me and we had this long conversations. she also said i had 3 books of her mothers. but I haven’t so not sure but could be the triology of Conversations with God. Then she said she was visit me again. Wonderful dream. so yep need to keep up writing to the ones we love. thanks Debra.

  5. Woh! So true ! Super

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