The Learning of saying – “Enough”

Letting go .. and being able to sometimes make a decision and come to a realization that sometimes – being in a certain situation or around certain people is not good for our mental and emotional well -being.
It doesn’t mean that we “throw” people out of our Lives, just that understanding the affect of what its doing to us, we can try and deal with it .. with Love, with calmness, with more “Spiritual Enlightenment .. knowing how to stay serene .. detach .. learning how to control our thoughts and emotions ..

Truth is … whether we are souls having a “Human”l experience – we have to live in the NOW, right? and right now, we are all very very human. And not all of us have reached that point where nothing affects us at all. We struggle in our own ways, in our own journeys .. and we all want the same thing at the end of the day.
And sometimes its not easy. And though the Law of Attraction is very true and Attractive, sometimes its difficult to understand why we have attracted being abused or mistreated – and how the people who treat us with no respect are our “Mirror images” – there to teach us lessons .. where we know we have not done anything wrong.
Its good and amazing … taking responsibility for your own happiness, and not blaming others .. but not everyone going through a bad time is at fault – and I think that its a bit harsh to tell them … you fell and broke your hipbone because you attracted it to yourself.
Everyone is fighting a battle … and we’re all humans with a lot of faults and weaknesses and make mistakes all the time ..
But I also think that no one deserves to be treated with disrespect, abused, lied to or being walked upon and taken advantage of .
And its okay – totally okay to stand up for yourself and say –
Enough is enough – No more!

We have to face things. We can’t heal what we refuse to confront.
But sometimes healing means … taking care of ourselves. And trying to lessen the negativity in our lives – so we can at least be balanced enough to deal with things in a better way.

Everyone is worthy of Love … no one is worth any less .. but sometimes … as with ..emotional/mental or physical abuse .. and relationships that are …harmful to you in a way – there is a time when you have to step up and take a stand for yourself. It doesn’t mean we Love others any less – just that sometimes – we being human .. need to take care of ourselves too.
My uncle is a pilot .. and he told me once .. that if you are ever in a plane .. and there is a problem during the flight, the air pressure in the cabin falls and the oxygen masks fall in front of you; Put it on YOURSELF FIRST before trying to help anyone else .. you won’t do anyone any good lying in a faint on the floor . Sometimes … we need to take care of ourselves first…
Only if we are in touch with the best in our selves first – we can give our best to others right?

We  … go through so much pain … in trying to heal others and make them happy.

We forget about yourselves. I .. guess its time stop hiding behind the wall -and facing it.

And learning to be Strong. We can’t heal what we refuse to confront.

And now .. .. Enough – IS really ENOUGH!

Facing the Pain

Facing the Pain


~ by backtowardslight on March 9, 2013.

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