Dreaming the Clouds .. and Stars away ….

It was a lovely day today. Beautiful clouds covered the sky, and there was an amazing breeze…..

But I guess, it will take more than this to rain. :)

I remember when I was little, me, my brother and cousins, used to lie down on the ground in the terrace, and
look at the clouds, trying to “Make ” pictures out of them.

Our imaginations worked wonders, because along with the funny, cute puppies and dolphins and cars and toys;

Sometimes, we would be faced with childhood monsters of our own creation….but seriously, when we thought a cloud looked like a scary lion, or Dinosaur or a werewolf with sharp teeth, it actually looked like one…

Everyone in the house usually jumped a mile, when the “baccha party “, “Spooked ” themselves and ran inside
screaming. lol… They thought we had gone mad !!!!!!! :)

I remember being so passionate about even the little things. The silliest things.

Laughing for no reason .. finding joy in places people wouldn’t think of looking.

When did I get Lost? What happened to me?

Why did I let this happen to me?

Got a rocketing from My mom, because I was down all day and night yesterday with an awful migraine… and
here I was stuck to my notebook, for three hours , looking at satellite pictures of cloud formations.

Posting on the Page and looking at beautiful pictures of the world and listening to one song over and over again. lol..:)

My friends called in the evening saying they were going out. I so wanted to go, but couldn’t because I thought I’d just relax at home, do some Aromatherapy…. listen to music… or read a book. I’m still reading Booyah Spirit…
Will try to finish it tonight.. and sleep early….

This healing is inside out….It hurts.. but I have Faith in Allah. I need to be strong and positive.

I am trying to be so strong. But Sometimes I am scared. I am afraid of sharing my feelings. Will ever be able to write my heart out one day ? For now .. I just detach and try inspiring others instead.

Back to reading … and watching the stars from my window ..

I have miles to go before I sleep.

Dreaming of Reality

Dreaming of Reality

Life’s like that…. ….


~ by backtowardslight on March 10, 2013.

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