The Little Words Unsaid …

It has been a while since I have written any thing.

Yes … the little pieces and quotes I share on Facebook are there – I have my sister and a few friends to help out with the page.

But I just can’t seem to write any thing I feel. I think … I try to put the words together … but they melt into nothingness and float away like clouds in the sky. A Stormy Sky. A writers block?  I think not. It goes deeper than that. It is something I need to acknowledge. Some parts of me that need expression, but have been bottled up inside for so long that they are afraid to even breathe lest they are seen, heard or even felt.

Why are there tears in my eyes? I am not weak. I write to uplift and inspire others.

So why am I feeling this numbness? A part of me wants to scream out to the Heavens and apart of me wants to go hide some where 🙂

I guess I need to face this and bring out the pain. And try and heal it. I hadn’t even realized  it was there…

A motivating piece of writing? Certainly not. More like a rambling of sorts as I can’t think … But I will write again … I will confront it and heal it .. because it is a part of me.

Note to myself :

One word, one step at a time.

And yes, You are Allowed to cry.

~ Kiran

Image / Artist : Vladimir Konovalov 2008



~ by backtowardslight on June 18, 2013.

12 Responses to “The Little Words Unsaid …”

  1. thank you for sharing a big part of you.


  3. I absolutely love this dear sis! So proud of u.. And yes u are allowed to cry.. It’s part of the healing process. Self – Respect starts with acknowledging your pain and loving and embracing your unique self completely, without any hesitation!

    You can do this easily!

    Much love and light xx

    PS. even this can motivate others to confront their deepest emotions.

  4. Hummmmmm, ” A Rambling “, I’d Say Not. A Beautiful HEART Expression From A Beautiful SOULs Depths, Deep Within The Within. MMMMMM, I’d Say Yesssssss ღ.

    Thank You For Sharing Openly and Know That None Of Us Are Immune, As This Sky Rocketing Elevation, Keeps Rising, Up, Up and Away. Sending You Lots Of Loving Huggggzzzzzzzzzzz ॐ नमः शिवाय

  5. Go easy on yourself. It will emerge at the proper time. Seems like the repression has risen up from deep inside – to just below the surface now. Go with the flow….and stay in the light … It will ease the processing. Notice how much more energy you have, once you are released from it. Think of it as going through a metamorphosis … As you anxiously wait to fly again! ❤

  6. Ever since I was fighting bone cancer (I am an 18 year survivor!) I have adopted a sort of motto- inspired one day at a time life. You may have heard it before, but even if you have, maybe now is the time you really need to ‘hear’ it. My motto is simple and it goes like this:
    Yesterday is history.
    Tomorrow is a mystery.
    Today is a gift!
    That’s why it’s called the ‘present’!!

    The way I take it to mean is that you can’t change ANYTHING about yesterday. You can prepare for, in a healthy way, for tomorrow, but you can’t change today what may, or may not, happen tomorrow. So don’t fret about either one, but rather enjoy TODAY, it is a GIFT, a PRESENT, from our Maker!! Make the very best of it! ALL our yesterdays are gone and we may never see tomorrow, and to go a little deeper, tomorrow never truly gets here, literally, because tomorrow becomes today, when, and if, we get there, and then there’s always another tomorrow waiting for us, right!?
    I hope and pray that you truly get this, and I pray that you’ll learn that when you do have something to write, that your Spirit, your Soul, will be what your words come from and through, and that they not only have a deeper, more meaningful insight for you, but for many others, too!
    Have a blessed day!
    ~ Mary ~

  7. I have learned thru a lot of soul searching the past 5 yrs that…the peace of nature especially watching the changes in the sky have more than often bought a rainbow:) as well as ever changing seasons. The tears you might be need to shed are very cleansing to the soul, just as a rainstorm brings new growth to the earth and cleanses the air we breathe. May you find PEACE

  8. my goodness, I have felt the same for so long now, I have imagined thousands of reasons for this. Its funny but the last time I wrote and posted something expressing emotions was also on March.

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