Finding You

I have come to learn to appreciate every soul who has touched my life in any way. Good or bad, as I used to think before, but then I realized, it’s also how I choose to perceive it.
It was difficult … understanding that.
it was difficult – to accept responsibility for painful things I had not done.
But then I saw that I can accept my “Response-Abilty” to every person or situation.
It made me see things, differently – As challenges and lessons.
But one thing I am learning every day. Every one teaches us a Lesson. Some are Blessings .. some are … okay I am going to use a Positive word here .. ( yeah, I do get the occasional Metldown – Being entirely human and ultra sensitive) – Challenges. Growth Opportunities …
But I realized that every person who came or left my life taught me something.
And I learned some of my greatest lessons, and found my hidden strengths from the most painful relationships.

What we go through, we grow through.
Some things are at the time hard to reason with, understand and forgive.
But the best way is to … Release them with Love and blessings and let them GO.
Not because you Love them any less, not because you can change any one, because .. at some point in time .. you just feel this .. intense pain in your heart and your Soul Screams out .. .”Enough”.
Your gut tells you… Its NOT healthy.
Take care of YOU.
You come first.
It is NOT being Selfish.
Its necessary.

My uncle is a pilot .. and he told me .. that during training … if a plane goes through turbulence, and the cabin pressure falls, you are always instructed to put on your OWN oxygen mask first -So you can be of help to others …

How can we give the best of ourselves to anyone else if we are not in touch with the best in our selves?

Loving begins from inside out. Just Like Joy.

SO let’s try to be strong and nurture ourselves, appreciate the goodness around us, find joy in the little blessings .. and learn to Let go of the negativity and all that drains us …

You Deserve to be Happy, Healthy, full of Light and Love;
Only then you can help pull out others out of the darkness, help heal hearts and souls.

You are Beautiful, Loved and Never alone …

And Remember – It takes great courage to walk away from something that is toxic and is not good for your heart

and soul. It may be painful, but one day you will be able to look back, not with regret, but wisdom and strength.

Because in the letting go, you will never ever lose. You may even find Your SELF again.

~ Kiran Shaikh

Finding You ....

Finding You ….


~ by backtowardslight on November 29, 2014.

7 Responses to “Finding You”

  1. Beautiful!!! And having ullus in our lives helps us too :-P. Where is this lovely poster on your page. I must share it! And I am overjoyed to see you blog again.

  2. Love this and so rightly timed.

  3. amen — beautiful words.touched my heart

  4. Such an important reminder Kiran, thank you, to breathe in the wonderful smells of the kitchen, to marvel over fresh clean warm water flowing on your skin, to appreciate the moods of the weather, to be able to smile and share love, to hug and feel loved, to whisper sweet words in someone’s ear. To live on this majestic planet one more blessed day!

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