The Sunshine Hopes beyond the Clouds …

Have Faith …
All good things are coming your way.
Just don’t lose hope, never give up on yourself and take it easy, one step at a time.
Never stop Dreaming and making wishes.
And never doubt for a second that they, won’t or can’t come true.
They can, and they WILL. Just BELIEVE and hold on to that Faith.
Do the best you can. with what you have and where you are now.
Stay Positive and don’t let anything or anyone get you down.
Just Always remember … You can and you WILL.
Things are going to get better.
Just try and think positively. Take note of the little blessings around you – The scent of coffee/tea, the crisp air, the sunshine reflecting on a window pane, the laughter of a child – Just the fact that you are able read this … when there are so many who cannot even afford an education or a decent meal.
Sometimes looking things from another Perspective, changes the way things LOOK.
And on the days you get overwhelmed, try to do this.
Look outside of your inner Storm and try and Love more, give more, read something positive, listen to a nice song or just smile at someone or smell the flowers – or look at the clouds floating by and wonder how many of you are out there, feeling the exact way you do.
What a paradox – Unknowingly we are never really alone …
If only we could Look into each others hearts …
Hold on sweet Warriors of Love and Have Faith.

Don’t forget that even beyond the Darkest Clouds; The Sun is always Shining 🙂
Never lose Hope …. Miracles Happen Every day

© Kiran Shaikh -2015

Hope Shines Always


~ by backtowardslight on January 10, 2015.

5 Responses to “The Sunshine Hopes beyond the Clouds …”

  1. Beautiful words. Unfortunately we tend to focus on what we dont have. we are all so fortunate if we only realize what we have. BE POSITIVE.

  2. I don’t understand how I got to get your emails, I don’t remember asking for them, but I have a brain problem and I’d just like to know if you emailed me at random selection, or did I ask you to, please can you help, please I’m not mad I’m just not well at the moment, and I’m waiting to see specialist, I just can’t remember, that’s all, many thanks for your time and patience, Debbie , Namaste x 

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

    • Dear Debby

      What you are receiving are posts when I upload my blog which is attached to my facebook page Back Towards Light. Debby I don’t send any one any mails .. the people who get my emails are the people who subscribe to my blog themselves. You can unsubscribe anytime … I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well … hope you feel better soon ..Sending you love and light

  3. Warriors of Love connected to all of life, light, love…When those storms are raging and we want to tear our skin off because it hurts so badly, the warriors pull in the pain and love it and ask for it’s messages. Thanks Kiran, beam of light, your words are raw truth, my fav! Loving blessings to you! Suzen

  4. Yo Kiran!!

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